Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Few More Swaps

I've been working on completing some upcoming swaps I am playing in. 

For the Gothic Arch: Mixed Media Birds Swap...

For the Book Page Backgrounds Swap...

For the Brown Paper Bag Swap...


Moleskine Journal

Here is the back pocket on the moley journal I've been working on as well as one of the little gifts that I will include for each of the artists that add to my journal.  My portion of my journal is done now and I will be mailing it off to the first person on my travel list.  I've already received the first journal that I will add to.  One each month for 8 months until they all make their way back home, fully decorated.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Starting the New Year Off Right!

This is the year I'm going to discover my style, find my direction and live my art!!  My first project of the year, which I'm so excited about is called a Moley or Moleskine swap.  There are 8 people in the group.  Each one starts with a moleskine journal .  You decorate the cover, the first pages, and a 3 page spread as well as the pocket in the back and usually you also include gifts for the other artists to take from the pocket when they get your book.  A rotation schedule is decided on by the host.  Over a period of 8 months each journal will make its way to each artist who will create a 4 page spread and then mail it on to the next person.  In the end, your journal comes back to you fully decorated with the work of 8 wonderful artists!  I've been dying to do one of these.  I am in love with art journalling and I'm really looking forward to learning more from the talented artists in my group.

Here is the cover I created on mine.

and this is the travel log (the order in which it will travel to the other artists)

Here is my 3 page spread...

I'm currently working on the little gifts for the artists and then I'll decorate the back pocket and it will be ready to be on its way to the next artist.  I've already received the first journal that I will get to add to.  Its so exciting!  I'll be posting as the project goes along. 

Let me know what you think!  I love to hear your feedback!