Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WOYWW - Bringing out the big table!

Working on finishing up a number of requested pieces and starting on a commission.  Time to pull out the big table so I can spread out.  The first layer is always random pieces of vintage and foreign text.  For me it always gives a good foundation and adds to the depth of the background layering and I love the look of old and foreign text.  Some of it is art in itself.

I'm working on finishing up a couple of requested projects and have pulled out an art journal that I work in now and then to add some new stuff to it.  Still trying to figure out this whole art journaling thing.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

WOYWW - One of these days I'll have this done early instead of late! spent the last week or so again reorganizing and trying to make things work and fit in our tiny little space.  My goal is to create an area where I can not only work on my art but where I can start making videos and tutorials to post here on the blog.  Plans are in the works for regular daily posts and new content throughout the week.  I've also been working on finishing up some commissions and trades.

My beautiful daughter had two music performances this past weekend which we thoroughly enjoyed.  I've also had to dedicate at least a little time each day to working on taming our new little family members...Ginger and Pepper.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

WOYWW (a little late ;)

Since I updated you last I've worked on finishing up projects and commissions and I was able to take part in an Art-a-thon on AFA.  Its been a long time since I was able to play in one of those and I made some great trades. in my workspace I am getting trades ready to go out in the mail and making the final touches to some projects so I can work on some new ones.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WOYWW Wednesday April 2- Inchie-a-thon!

Welcome back to my workspace!!  In between my larger projects I'm doing a bit of playing with some of my favorite arty friends at AFA in a week long Inchie-a-thon.

AFA ( is an amazing community of talented and encouraging people and my life totally changed when I became a part of the group there in 2009.  There is always something going on over there and I have learned, tried and experienced so many things that I never would have if not for AFA.  One of my favorite things to do over there is something called an a-thon.  They usually occur over a long weekend but really can take place anytime.  Its a chance for us to have a virtual play date with each other, create as much as we can and the trading is fast and furious.

This week...the focus is on Inchies (other art will be made and traded too).  Inchies are tiny little works of art...just 1 inch square!  You would be amazed at what can fit into a tiny little square inch!'s my teeny, tiny mess...;)

Thanks for stopping by!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Still trying to get this piece just right...and working on another. I'm still working on this heart piece.  I posted to a group I belong to on FB for Mixed Media artists to get some feedback on what it still needed.  The one thing that was mentioned the most was contrast and shadows to define the detail better.  I put the project aside for a day or two while I prayed for inspiration on the best way to achieve that.  I was finally able to add the shadowing and increase the detail.  I'm still not sure if I have enough contrast.  I'm posting it again for feedback.

The piece itself is already spoken for and the new owner has a picture she'd like me to incorporate into it.  Until I have that, the piece will have to wait to be finished.

Any thoughts on the direction its taken?

I also have a second project in the same style that I'm working on for a donation to a local non-profit for a Silent Auction fundraiser.  I like the way it is turning out.  Right now I'm trying to determine what text to put with it and perhaps a way to frame the design or add a little interest to the background.

What do you think?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WOYWW Workspace Wednesday!

Here is my workspace today.  I have a number of projects in varying degrees of completion and I'm having so much fun!!

New in my Etsy shop!!

I've done lots and lots of custom orders and I really love the challenge of taking someone's idea and finding a way to bring it to life.  Today I posted my first Made to Order offering on Etsy.  Its an experiment in a way.  I'm hoping it will lead to more commissions and more fun challenges!

Made to Order "Live, Laugh, Love" Wall Decor