Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Moleskine Journal

Here is the back pocket on the moley journal I've been working on as well as one of the little gifts that I will include for each of the artists that add to my journal.  My portion of my journal is done now and I will be mailing it off to the first person on my travel list.  I've already received the first journal that I will add to.  One each month for 8 months until they all make their way back home, fully decorated.


  1. Hi! I am a fellow 365 Art Project member and I just stopped by to say I really like the work you do! I am a fellow artist looking to find my style as well. I love the idea of a traveling art journal and have always wanted to participate in one. I did the Sketchbook Project 2011, that you might have heard of, but it's different than what you are doing. I don't see anywhere on your blog to become a follower, but I will check back often to see what you are up to.!!

  2. thanks for the wonderful comments. i've been admiring all of your art in the 365 thread as well! i had hoped to be a part of the Sketchbook project too but missed the deadline for this year. hoping for next year. there should be a place at the bottom of the page to sign up as a follower. so glad you stopped by and it really means a lot to have someone whose work i so admire take the time to stop and comment on mine. thanks so much!