Monday, May 26, 2014

Revisiting my love of The Beatles in some art!

I finished these little canvases that I was working on.  The first one just screamed out for the words (Take a sad some and make it better) as it described perfectly how i was feeling at the moment (chronic pain) and the look on her sad little face.  I wanted to tie the four together so the others really needed Beatles lyrics too.  That sent me on a lyric search which then sent me to seek out the Red and Blue albums to listen too and that transported me down memory lane.  I was reminded of a trip my family took to Maryland (one we took about every four years) to visit my grandparents.  My sister and I had recorded the Beatles' Red and Blue albums on cassette and we jammed out to them all the way to Maryland and back.  As I listened again to all the wonderful songs I love so much I was amused to find that despite the fact that I sometimes cannot remember whether or not I ate lunch...I do remember every single word of every single song on both double albums!

I found my lyrics, remembered why I always loved the Beatles in the first place, and relived a precious memory from a pretty wonderful childhood.  These canvases are the result and they are now available in my Etsy shop.  I would keep them all if I could but instead I'll send them out into the world and hope that they bless someone else as they have blessed me.


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  1. A great collection of canvases and a great theme.