Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Directions

I'm really feeling compelled to step out in directions I've never gone before with my art and it feels really good.  I always said I could do just about anything but paint and yet here I am painting.  I've avoided drawing faces for so long and yet here I am...drawing faces...that I actually like! 

I took some of the things I've learned from the Art, Heart and Healing course and put them into some small 5 X 5 canvases that I found a while back.  I really love how they turned out.  I put them in a friend's booth at a craft sale today and actually sold a couple.  Always a good thing!  I'll try putting the rest on and see if I can sell anymore. 

I have some ideas for some more new things I want to try and test the waters with.  I hope to have some done in time for an Open House I want to have for the holidays.

Here are the canvases...




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  1. Amy, I love, love the faces you paint, especially each unique set of eyes - they say so much! Really like the way you paint noses and hair too :) Go Amy, never doubt your God-given talent, He will continue to use it. Be bold! Love you, Judy