Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Whole New Level and hopefully a whole new me!

Here are my completed week 2 assignments in the Art, Heart and Healing course I'm taking.  I really got a lot out of this healing exercise. The first page was to depict what we wish could have been for our young selves.  The second was to take a childhood trauma and turn it into what we wish it could have been. Growing up, my home life was absolutely wonderful with lots of love and feelings of safety and security. It wasnt until I went to school for the first time and experienced ridicule, humiliation and embarassment for the first time in my life that I realized the rest of the world was a scary place. That had a huge impact on me. I spent the rest of my growing up years keeping my mouth shut, doing everything I could to avoid drawing attention to myself, being too afraid to try anything or risk anything and living in constant fear of ridicule and humiliation. Even today I struggle with anxiety and leave the safety of my home as little as possible. It wasnt until this lesson that I really, truly connected the two. I knew I was a frightened little kid and a stressed out teenager and I could never connect that to my truly wonderful home life.
I'm really learning alot about myself through this course and my art is really being taken to a whole new level.  I'm creating things I never dreamed I could but always wanted to.  Its so thrilling and scary all at once.

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