Saturday, February 12, 2011

Collage a thon! is one of the most wonderfully supportive, fun, encouraging and creative communities ever!  So many fabulous artists and just all around amazing people!  This weekend is a Collage a thon weekend at AFA.  I love these weekends!  A bunch of artists...around the world...creating and trading all weekend together.  They are always so much fun!

Here are some cards I make for the CAT this weekend.  Today's theme really made me happy!  Black, white and red!  I have totally flipped for that color scheme and am collecting and making more and more of it.  Tomorrow's theme...all things birds and butterflys and such so tomorrow will be fun too!


  1. Hello Amy!!! I wanted to let you know that you have WON my quilled butterfly!!! I have sent you an email, so this is just in case you didn't receive it. Please contact me with your information!

    Antonella :-)

  2. Amy I love your ATCs... I love the birds, the one with the crown is my favorite! I wanted to let you know that I shipped your quilled butterfly painting today and I posted pictures of the final product on my blog...

    Hugs, antonella :-)

    P.S. I've also added you to my blogroll and become a follower.