Friday, April 25, 2014

Layer upon art...and in life!

One thing that always draws me to a piece of art and something I strive for in my own is a background full of depth...the kind that can only come with many, many layers.  Almost every piece of art I make starts with a layer of text and book pages.  I'll add many more before I'm done but I'm finished with this first layer and I'm ready for the next...COLOR!

I started thinking about the importance of layers...not just in art...but in life.  As in art, the layers of our personalities, our experiences, or lives...add depth, interest, and make you want to look, absorb, and look some more.  Without the layers art is flat, one dimensional and uninteresting.  Without the layers...even the ones that make us complicated and even challenging...we are as boring and uninteresting as that bad art.

Personally, I'm baklava...layer upon layer upon complicated layer and you know what...considering the alternative...I'm okay with that.

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