Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Chronicles Week 18

I finally finished up week 18 of the Chronicles project from the amazing, Sarah at  Wonderstrange Arts.  I'm really loving this process.  The prompts are ones I can handle and have fun with and there is freedom to let my muse do something completely fun and unrelated like the mermaid that just had to make her appearance on these pages.  My biggest struggle is the photography prompts as I rarely leave my house and have no color ink in my printer at the moment but I'm making them work.

Enjoy!  I'd love to hear what you think and be sure to check out all the fun that goes on every day at Wonderstrange Arts!  Sarah and Ann will pretty much rock your world!


  1. hahahah I'm with you on the photography prompts!! Although I do notice that I grab a camera more often than I used to, which is good! But yeah, I need to leave more. ;) YOU do the prompts YOU want to do! <3

    Your mermaid is so adorable! and that sweet dog <3

    Yay! Go kick that journal's butt! ;)