Friday, March 21, 2014

Project juggling ive started working on my next art piece which is based on one of the lessons in the Lifebook 2014 Course that im taking part in this year.  im really excited about this piece and if it turns out the way im envisioning should be fabulous!

at the same time, im also working on an altered envelope that i need to get out in the mail AND some of my favorite arty friends are having a collage-a-thon this weekend on FB that im hoping to take part in.  its been so long since i did an athon and i have made ATCs in a while so my muse is really slow to switch gears.

here is a little peek at the beginnings of these projects.  ill be posting updates throughout the weekend.

blessings to all!


  1. Sounds like you are going to be having a lot of fun! :D

    1. lol...i really am!! on a creative roll and trying to keep the momentum going. :)