Friday, September 13, 2013

Art Showcase Friday

Welcome to Art Showcase Friday!!

Each Friday I'll be posting a piece of art I've completed. When possible there may even be a tutorial or a photo progression of the art as it came into being.

Here is my first Art Showcase piece...

I adore the combination of Black/White and Red.  The contrast is always so striking and the challenge to create in such a limited palette is something I really enjoy.

It it hand drawn and hand painted on a 9 X 11 canvas board.

This piece is close to my heart and the message..."Be a Pop of Color in a World of Gray" is something I aspire to.  Life can be a bit gray sometimes, as we try to simply move from one task to the next.  Anyone can be that Pop of Color that brightens someone's World of Gray.  It could even be you!

This piece can be purchased from my Etsy shop.  Prints and cards are in the works.