Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Second Swap

I just finished up hosting my second swap on AFA (  All the cards are swapped and ready to go to the post office tomorrow.  The first swap was a photo swap and the theme was Old Abandoned Houses and Buildings.  I was limited in my first swap to 12 participants and it was such a huge success that I chose to use the same theme and have a Part 2 so others who didnt get into the first one could participate.  The second swap is limited to 20 participants.  I received fabulous cards from 18 people (one dropped out and one never contacted me again after signing up) all over the world.  Its such a thrill to get to see all the great cards that people make for these swaps.  Most people send an extra card on the theme as a gift for the host.  I also make cards for the swap so I trade my own as well.  That leaves me with an amazing stack of cards to add to my collection.  Woohoo!  Lucky me!!

Here are just the cards I get to keep!  Totally forgot to lay ALL the cards out and get a picture.  That would have been quite a site.

Once these start arriving I can start my third swap.  This one will be limited to 30 participants.  After that I can run as many swaps as I want, have as many participants as I want and offer other options like trading 6/6 instead of the usual 3/3.  Not sure what I want the next swap theme to be.  Any ideas?

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